SAP AMS is the acronym for the software application management services provided by the company. SAP is the biggest software maker in Germany and the world’s second largest software maker after Microsoft. SAP’s main business processes are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP Hana (SAP Knowledge Management). It also deals with finance, retail and other industries’ offerings. The best practice for SAP AMS implementation involves collaboration among the various units of the organization to ensure best practices are followed to ensure better overall efficiency.

One of the best practices for SAP ams innovation management is the regular review of the strategies that have been implemented in the business processes. This helps to monitor if the strategy has been effective or not and find gaps that might require further modification or adjustment. The suggested solutions for these gaps are then implemented and evaluated to verify if they are still up-to-date and can still be used as they were before. If this is done continuously, improvements can be made to make the strategies more effective to provide a better service to the customers and improve profitability in the long run.

Conducting frequent reviews on the strategies that are being used by SAP to provide better service level to the clients is one of the most important aspects of the whole process of SAP application management. There are times when the clients might find that the new approach used by SAP is no longer applicable to their current business processes because they have changed over time. In this case, a fresh new approach must be implemented to make the SAP application management more flexible and effective to meet any changes in the business processes.

The greenfield approach strategy is based on the principle of change improvement and innovation management to make sure that the SAP system stays up-to-date and can deliver the required services to its users in real time. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology and applying the same at the operational level, business owners and managers will be able to find innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of the SAP application management.

In line with this, the consultants also provided the best practices and recommendations for improving the processes and bringing about greater efficiency in SAP application management services. With these recommendations, consultants helped in developing the new delivery model, which is known as the ‘green field’ model. This model was based on the principle of enabling innovation at each operational level. As part of the innovation process, the green field model brought about a new focus in the processes that led to the collection and integration of data. The result is that there are less mistakes in processing data which results in reduced cost and timely delivery of the required SAP application management services.