Search engine optimization is evolving at a fast pace. It is a holistic, and integrated online marketing strategy. SEO offers a multitude of benefits to the user. It provides a better user experience, creates effective backlinks, enhances content quality, creates better engagement, generates more leads, and more.

All these benefits help your business rank high on the search engine. To reap these benefits, you need to find a reputable SEO provider company.  In this article, we will share a list of important questions that will assist you to make the right selection.

How do you approach SEO to drive results?

Generally, SEO companies work in three aspects: Technical SEO, On-page SEO, or Off-page SEO to deliver expected results to their clients.

  • Technical SEO involves working with the code, website structure, website speed, and a few other metrics that may influence the search traffic of your website.
  • On-page SEO involves optimizing the content of digital properties. It analyses different factors that a user comes across when interacting with a website. This includes content, keyword optimization, and navigation.
  • THE off-page SEO approach works on enhancing the SEO presence of a website. It is done by earning links, consolidating the brand image, increasing domain and page authority, and enhancing website content and popularity.

The SEO company you choose should implement all the above approaches to give you the holistic benefits of the practice.

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How are you going to adapt the SEO strategy to our business?

When it comes to SEO implementation, different businesses have different needs. A good SEO firm formulates a unique and customized SEO plan that caters to the objectives, business model, and industry of the business.

How will you update me on the alterations you make to the website?

A good SEO firm will send reports at regular intervals. The commonest frequency is at the end of every month. However, some companies also send you weekly updates.

Can you provide information about your past clients and their outcome?

An SEO company who has only been for some time, and whose longest active client has been with them for less than a year, is a red flag. A good SEO firm is one that has experience of five to seven years in this field. With their ample experience and expertise, they have the potential to grow a brand by 5% to 15% per month.

Do you obey the best practices of Google?

Ethical SEO companies are well aware of the fact that obeying Google’s best practices is critical to the long-term growth of traffic. It helps deliver better results to searchers and rank high on the SERP. So, it is necessary to always look for a firm that always follows the best practices of Google.


The selection of the right SEO provider can make or break your success in an online space. Asking the above questions and assessing the answers will help determine the right policies and practices that an SEO company employs. This information will help you weed out black-hat SEOs and locate an agency that gives you long-term success.