• To discover potential of SEZ at Nasik

• To discover the amount of units might be prepared to purchase SEZ at Nasik

• To get the area they might be ready to buy

Target industries

Potential of sunrise and growth industries was particularly researched appreciate it, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing mainly due their growth prospects and availability and manpower, closeness to Mumbai and Pune. Besides these following industries were researched for scope: food and beverages, cigarettes, wood products, leather products, clothes, paper products, rubber products, plastic products, oil products, fertilizers, speciality chemicals, petro chemicals, pharmaceutical formulations, cement, steel, aluminium conversions, copper, machine tools, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, electronics and telecommunications equipment, semi conductors, reconditioned vehicle unit and auto components, exchanging and brokerage, BPO, financial services, Bio informatics.

Scope of research

247 industries in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik were surveyed

Mode of information collection

Interviews by way of questionnaires, discussions were transported out. References from various publications, business magazines, newspapers, internet were also familiar with collect data.

Length of research

5 several days

Key products within the report

• Review of Special Economic Zone

• SEZ policies

• Singaporen economy and SEZ

• SEZ success tales a long way away

• Export policies and progression of industries

• Industry wise analysis

• Limitations

• Recommendations


The SEZ framework can be a policy instrument in the Government asia designed to liberalize the country’s trade and investment atmosphere in many pre defined geographical areas. Because the SEZ policy is probably the programmes in the government to market exports, it quite clearly breaks new ground. It is the most visionary ambitious and reaching initiative in the government asia to alter basically the foreign direct investment landscape of the united states.

What’s stand out in regards to the SEZ?

Much like China, Singapore too produced in the SEZ just like a special physical enclave designed to promote foreign investments in the comprehensive choice of economic activities from manufacturing at one finish to exchanging and financial services along with other getting a view to creating certain these investments are employed in an unfettered business atmosphere. SEZ is observed both just like a vehicle for increase in FDI flows additionally to thrust for exports. SEZ allow Singapore to try out radical reform in the big enough geographical area but around the localized basis without any impracticality of presenting such reforms within the national level. The SEZ policy is special in several ways a. choice of allowable activities is vast since it covers exchanging reconditioning, labeling, packaging etc. beneath the union government’s policy announced in April 2000 companies operate under a high quality red tapism, the SEZ provides you with high quality world class infrastructure designed to render costs of production, delivery logistics and transactions and competitive around the global basis. How large the SEZ might be large enough to draw private participation in building infrastructure because the SEZ will probably be insulated within the domestic tariff place to date as negative influences are involved.

Key arguments for SEZ

1. Mainly waste and barren land and, if needed, single crop farming land alone needs to be acquired for your SEZs. If perforce a number of double sprang farming land must be acquired to fulfill the minimum area needs, the identical should not exceed 10 % in the total land.

2. Inside the first phase it’s recommended allowing only a maximum of 25 % in the approved housing because the other approved infrastructure will probably be allowed to get created as stated by the developer’s plans so when approved within the program. The quantity housing is going to be allowed to get established with the approval committee in three phases based on the progress in allotment/occupancy of units inside the processing area

Key arguments against SEZs

1. Companies simply relocate to SEZs – Special provisions are actually designed to take advantage of the tax concessions along the way that tax exemptions available and little internet activity will are relevant only if being used Not generated.

2. The act can lead to a big-scale land – The land reliance on all SEZs acquisition by developers, displacement (including individuals into account) of maqui berries maqui berry farmers, meagre compensation which is 1,00,000 hectare, that’s less no alternative livelihood on their own account.


1. Based on various parameters like ease of access to manpower, distance between key cities, raw material, readiness to consider the SEZ at Nasik, it absolutely was learned that industries for instance food and beverages, biotech, pharmaceuticals, engineering merchandise is among individuals appropriate and keen to put together at Nasik SEZ. Consequently, likely to absolute scope to put together an SEZ at Nasik.

2. The location in acres the businesses are ready to buy is between 10 to 100 acres with regards to the availability and rates


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