Uninterrupted power supply systems can be absolutely essential for a wide variety of applications. There’s plenty of environments that demand a constant supply of electricity, with the risks of going without sometimes even being life-threatening.

If you live somewhere prone to blackouts, and have a business, establishment or care for someone who needs readily available power, at all hours of the day, you could find yourself in dire need of a UPS system.

However, they can also be expensive, and require intensive regular maintenance, and really, you’ve got to question, do you actually need to own your own system? There’s a lot of benefits to renting a UPS system instead of buying one, but first, do you actually understand what an uninterrupted power system is?

What is a UPS?

When people think about emergency power systems, a lot of the time they’re imagining a generator in a basement somewhere, with a ready supply of fuel. A UPS is a very different option.

Essentially, all a UPS is, is a large bank of high-capacity batteries, kept fully charged when the powers flowing, but capable of tiding you over for as long as you need when there’s a power cut.

The trouble with large banks of batteries is that they need regular checking and maintenance, but when this is done, they can be very reliable and trustworthy. You always know you’re going to have power at the ready should anything go wrong.

It’s Cheaper to Rent a UPS System

As with a lot of varied things, especially specialised equipment, renting is always going to be a wildly cheaper option than outright buying the equipment yourself. However, that only remains true if you’re going to be using the equipment for a fairly short period.

If you plan on requiring an uninterrupted power supply for a long period, more than a year or two, it’s probably going to be a sound decision to invest in your own system.

Renting over those kinds of time periods becomes expensive. What it comes down to is proper planning, and working out the individual costs of different ideas and routes. Once you know that information, the choice becomes clear.

Dodge Maintenance

One of the big important factors in being able to count on your UPS system is getting it regularly maintained and tested, and if you can’t rely on the UPS, what’s the point of the whole exercise?

That means maintenance and regular checks are absolutely a necessity. When you’re renting that can be handled by the company you’re renting from, which can be a huge cost saving.

If you were to buy your own system, you’d either need to hire another company to keep an eye on it, or train someone within your business, which could prove beyond certain businesses capabilities. Make sure you choose the right company  to rent your system from!