Are you bored at home? Then, daily free puzzles might be what you need right now. They provide an excellent way to have fun, unwind and enjoy your free time at home. Besides, the puzzle games help you break from an everyday routine that can be very monotonous.

There is a wide range of puzzle games that are currently available online worth checking out. They involve many beautiful free pictures of diverse, challenging levels, from easy to hard. The more complicated part of the game is grounded on the number of puzzle pieces you need to put together.

Let’s look at the most popular puzzles today that you need to consider trying out.

Mechanic of Tetris

Tetris was created by a Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. It is a tile-matching video puzzle game. Players move differently shaped pieces called tetrominoes to make complete lines.  The lines which are complete disappear; thus, the gamer gains points. The player further proceeds to fill the emptied spaces. The game is lost when the player fills the playing field.  The score points increase when the player takes longer to load the playing field completely.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an indie puzzle game that has gained more popularity. The players guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments. Princess Ida is directed to discover hidden paths, disclose optical illusions and overcome the inscrutable crow people who block the way.

Monument Valley is visually stunning and, at the core of the game’s impossibility, makes it unique. The interactions in this puzzle game involve moving pillars and platforms and creating bridges.

The Witness

This puzzle video game was developed and published by Thekla, Inc. Gamers explores an open-world island full of natural and artificial arrangements. Solving the puzzles is grounded on interactions with grids. Grids’ presentation is on panels close to the island or paths that are hidden within the area. Therefore, players need to identify the meaning of symbols in the puzzles because it does not directly explain how to solve it.

The Room

The room is a three-dimensional video puzzle game. Gamers are told a story by letters of a mysterious box in a room. At the start of the game, the player receives the first box of the four puzzle boxes. It is a tutorial on how to control the game and interact with the features of the box. Furthermore, the game has the key inventory element, enabling the gamer to see items made from the Null piece that compose parts of the box. The main goal is to fully unlock each puzzle box while removing a smaller and complex box that is inside it.

Bridge Constructor Portal

This puzzle video game is an engineering simulation. The game is set in the universe of the portal series. The players have the task of constructing bridges to get trucks from one location to another. The bridges are built with struts that must withstand any force imparted to them, including the trucks’ weight. Finally, the players complete the puzzle by getting the trucks to cross the bridge without any harm.     

Solving puzzles is stress relieving and a way of relaxation. With the wide range of puzzle games online, it’s a guarantee that you will find the most suitable for you. Additionally, you will not get bored because they are fun and come on different levels. After completing one level, you will probably be eager to try out the next level.